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Recovering From Prison Life

Posted on Feb 22nd by Kate

Last night I fell asleep on the couch at 7:15pm, right after putting the kids down. It has been a wicked President's day weekend. We were snowbound in a tiny house, too small for all of us together, on the heels of a housebound week due to illness. Not my idea of a relaxing weekend.

Don't get me wrong. I love my kids. I love playing with them. But not when there's nowhere to go, and…

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Like Robins in the Rain

Posted on Feb 17th by Kate

If you are from Minnesota, you know that today is a miraculous 52 degrees Farenheit (11 Celsius). It's ugly outside, but it feels like Spring: full of possibility and new beginnings. In honor of such a day, and because they went outside yesterday and learned their lesson, Babou came over bearing froggy rain boots for Jeebs. Naturally, we went out to test them.

Jeebs found the biggest puddle he could and dove right in.…

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10 Best Baby Shower Gifts

Posted on Jan 19th by Kate

I should know. All of my friends are either pregnant or are drinking 'the water' right now. In the last year, I've purchased more 'welcome to the world' gifts than birthday and other holiday gifts combined. And I'm a particular advantage because I've been given almost every awesome gift known to babies under two.

Why, you ask? My Aunt Lib is a buyer for Creative Kidstuff, the best children's toy store in the Midwest.…

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Our kids are six months old and 21 months old as I write this. They are both still in diapers and they both take naps (Eze takes 3 short naps a day, and Jeebs takes 1-2 naps depending on his mood). If we're working around naps, our window of opportunity is fairly short for family outings (and believe me, in order to survive we need to work around naps). Our best times for activities fall in…

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